About Wilderness Dumping

Wilderness dumping is a rampant and chronic crime against our environment. The footprint left behind can take up to centuries to degrade – if ever!  We detail some specific damages here: Prevention: Penalties, Education, Warnings, etc..
This website provides a forum for information exchange, about prevention, alternatives to wilderness dumping and resources available to Hedley, BC, and elsewhere.  
In our community we face a special challenge from the mining dumps that have never been cleaned up and encourage continued dumping.  Still, Hedley volunteers show great commitment to moving forward on restoring our beautiful area (to virtually visit Hedley, BC see our Links page).
Site map:
  • News – Wilderness dumping incidents, information, and resources to report for Hedley, B.C. and elsewhere.
  • Here is a place to tell your story!
  • Prevention – Education, strategies in place, as well as available tools in our area and tools to get in your area.
  • Alternatives & Community Initiatives – Ecological alternatives to destroying our environment, and initiatives in the community to move forward.
  • Resources – Sharing resources so that we can demand from our governments and communities a resolution to this problem.
  • Links – Other sites that raise awareness on wilderness dumping and its consequences.
  • Contact Us – Please feel free to contact us at any time and for any relevant, non-commercial reason!

Dumping Now (above):  Modern appliances find their eternal resting place near mining refuse.
Dumping Then (above): Mining refuse including cyanide containers (near the Similkameen River and Hedley, BC) where many recent dump sites have been found and cleaned up.  Industrial waste abandoned in the wilderness is an invitation to individual irresponsibility.
Pending dump sites on crown land within the Village of Hedley in URGENT need of removal, especially as fire season is upon us:

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